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Wonderful Outdoor Wedding Decor

Outdoor Wedding Decor – With the first sunny days of spring and the arrival of more and more imminent summer, back also the season of outdoor ceremonies. Organize a ceremony, civil or symbolic, immersed in a lush park or on the banks of a romantic lake is one of the most evocative of celebrating your love. If your idea is to celebrate the outdoor wedding, it will be important also customize this time of day with decorations that follow your style and the main theme you have chosen for the big day.
So many ideas, first of all the strings for the wedding, the American tradition for outdoor ceremonies, happily spread to Europe as a decorative and symbolic appreciated. The bow used to marriage, in fact, is the future home that the couple will build together. How romantic decoration for the exchange of wedding rings during the ceremony lends itself to countless transformations and arrangements, from a realization classic to a more exotic or creative atmosphere to another country chic. Metal, wood, surrounded by flowers or garlands, this installation brings a touch originality to your ceremony.