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Winter Wedding Dress: Teetering on the brink

The traditional time for weddings is considered to be the summer and fall. They are selected because of the pleasant weather, which fit well with the style of wedding pictures. Bright green grass, blue sky and autumn leaves of red and gold are the perfect backdrop for the white dress, emphasizing its beauty and bringing to the feast even more bright colors. But you can get married in the cold season, and then to the bride gets a choice of a suitable attire. Which is better to wear a winter wedding dress to look amazing and not to freeze?

Russian frosts have become a byword for heat loving foreigners and young people, who are going to marry, they are a big reason for the postponement of the celebration in the warmer seasons. But every year the modern bride are afraid of winter wedding dress are less because the designers take into account the wishes of their potential clients and create outfits great beauty.

winter wedding dress

The wedding dress can be a unique winter holiday decoration, perfectly fit into the style of Russian gay marriage as a hospitable holiday in the best tradition. Do not forget how beautiful it looks three dimensional white dress on a background of snow covered landscapes that will become a separate decoration of wedding photos. If the bride is against the canons, it can choose the color dress, which effectively allocate it from the crowd as the other brides with whom she probably will face in this day and on the snowy background.

Long sleeve winter wedding dresses

The best option seems to be for the long sleeve winter wedding dresses. Moreover, in 2015 the designers introduced their fashion again, thinking of the eighties style or a more distant era when bare hands even on the day of the wedding was not accepted. The sleeves can be of the same fabric as the dress of thick lace and innovation become fashionable dress with a knitted top or completely out of thin elastic knitwear. Of course, some sleeves on a winter wedding can not be confined they only serve as an additional element to warm. Above you can put on a coat, cape, stole, are shot indoors.

Questions of design for winter wedding dresses many are secondary. In the foreground there is the problem a maximum to choose a dress that will not only beautiful, but warm. And even if you stay on the street for a long time is not planned (not likely to be a feast in the open air), will have to spend some time on the street, where the weather is very unpredictable. Chiffon dress with thin spaghetti straps is perfect for sultry summer, but for winter need something warmer.