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Wedding Shoes For The Bride Pregnant

Most beautiful wedding shoes for the bride is a real delight. A wedding it’s a great excuse to buy those shoes that you’d never imagine would not allow it. But what if you a pregnant bride? Let’s see what kind of shoes you can wear to a wedding, being “interesting position”?

comfortable wedding shoes for bride

If your wedding is scheduled for 1 trimester of pregnancy, then you should not worry too much about the fact that you can not wear high heels. Heel not a sign of unfitness of shoes, but it can cause stability concerns. So do not buy a pair of high heels (even if you think that the 6 cm. A low heel for you), in a shoe you can hardly stand the wedding ceremony at the registry office, to say nothing of the photo shoot and the wedding party? Weary not only your legs, but also the back due to incorrect position of the body. Do not forget that back pain – this is one of the signs of the threat of pregnancy! Therefore, in order not to risk the health of the future child, it is better to forget about the photographs of sexual brides heels and put on something more stable.

red wedding shoes for bride

By the way, you should pay attention to the tip shoes, it should not be too narrow, your fingers should stay comfortably. This is especially true for pregnant women suffering from leg edema. So be sure to mind you this moment, because swelling can occur and you at the most inopportune moment.

The most perfect wedding shoes for the bride pregnant in the first and second trimester a broad-heeled shoes of 2-4 cm or on a low platform sole. Unfortunately, finding a very beautiful shoes with heels so high is quite difficult. So do not despair if you’ve found the perfect shoes of a different color. You can complement your wedding image of accessories and ornaments in her tone, and you look great! This option is particularly suitable for weddings vintage style.

wedding shoes for bride

If your wedding is scheduled for the third trimester of pregnancy, then you should pay attention to the wedding shoes for the bride, shoes without a heel (or heels no more than 1-2 cm.) Or flip flops. Spanking is better not to wear a wedding ceremony as beautiful enter the registrar in them you are unlikely to succeed. Therefore it is better for the official ceremony to wear wedding shoes for the bride, and after it pereobutsya. The ballet flats you can stay for the entire wedding. They perfectly follow the shape of the foot, so that you will not even feel them on my feet.