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Vera Wang Black Wedding Dress 2015-2016

The vera wang black wedding dress is impossible not to fall in love. Neither the design of its models will not be repeated, but each produces a sensation perfect silhouette and natural fabrics that perfectly highlight the beauty of the bride. The endless stretch of imagination talented Chinese woman of American origin has created an enchanting collection of dresses, which ushered in the birth of a legend. Separately want to talk about vera wang black wedding dress, who won the hearts of the richest women of fashion in Hollywood: Uma Thurman, Sharon Stone, Alicia Keys and many others.

Vera Wang – this is the first designer, resorted to the effect the illusion of a naked female body under the light fabric. She started designing wedding gowns since realized that this niche is not occupied by anyone. Nobody seriously until she was not engaged in a dress for a wedding, and the demand for them is increasing every year. Her models are Chinese traditions, which emphasize the small size, elegance, ease of bride.

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The collection has an American wedding gowns to suit all tastes: a modest, bold, elegant, rigorous, elegant, luxurious. Wong became the first designer to offer the world a black dress for a wedding as an alternative to white classics. In her collections, and many other unusual colors for bridesmaid dresses red, green, pink, beige.

Styles of vera wang black wedding dress

vera wang black wedding dress

As anywhere in the world are shows of Vera Wang, all expect something charming, new, unusual. And as the fashion designer has never been afraid to experiment, that the world was represented by the most creative and unusual its solution the wedding dress in black. It looks stylish, extravagant, tasteful. This decision was taken at a sudden “bang”, although not every bride would dare to put on a black dress in your wedding day.

Bold, rock, full of mystery vera wang black wedding dress in their combination with beige shade of nude, creating a sense-through black lace through the naked body. Feminine dresses with a black gothic corsets emphasize organza, chiffon, tulle. As for styles, the Wong pays great attention to dresses-gang fashion skirt-bell mermaid silhouette or a dress to the floor with the trend Basques.

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Long dress in a floor or draped Basques

Dresses with Basques from Vera Wang perform miracles: they are suitable for any type of figure, as can be of different styles and lengths. Baska a broad strip of fabric sewn into the waist wedding dress. In different models designer makes it narrow or wide, the second layer or the lush and growing. This item of women’s clothing appeared in the 18th century in the men’s costumes inhabitants of the Basque province of Spain. Hence the name of the frills.

black wedding dress vera wang

Later, the Basque began to use French in sewing women’s clothes. But nowadays it has become popular due to the Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga, who made a frill at the waist a key element of all their fashion collections. Vera Wang Bridal model with drapery or Basques are elegant, feminine, giving the silhouette of the bride elegance and fragility.