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Turkish Wedding Dresses: Between Europe and Asia


Turkey is located between Europe and Asia, and in the Turkish wedding dresses there are elements of both cultures. The impact of the West first became evident in the early twentieth century, when the bride began to wear white to a wedding, rather than the traditional colorful dresses. By tradition, the young Turkish woman dressed in plain clothes as a sign of modesty, as long as they are not married, and the wedding dress became their first bright and beautifully decorated clothing. Traditional Turkish Wedding Dresses were made of cloth color gemstones and richly embroidered with gold.

Modern Turkish wedding dresses


turkish wedding dresses 2016

Gradually, pastel colors, popular in Europe, arrived in the Turkish fashion, and in 1898, the bride wore a white dress from the royal family. Shortly thereafter, the turkish wedding dress began to sew from a white cloth and colored wedding dress out of fashion, especially in the cities. Turkish style of wedding dresses bride is often defined by religion as the orthodox Muslim bride wore conservative dresses and cover their heads while in public. Previously, Christian bride-covered shoulders and arms while in church, but in the late twentieth century western wedding dresses have become more open and modern European wedding dresses often open arms, shoulders, upper back and neck.

While the Christian bride can choose a short dress, a conservative Muslim always wear a floor-length dress. Many Muslim dresses often have the same parts as the western wedding dresses, often decorated with embroidery, lace, beads and flowers. Sometimes they have a trail, popular with European and American brides. Traditional Muslim women do not wear wedding dress silhouette of “mermaid”, they are usually wedding dresses are adjacent corset and fluffy skirt.

Since the beginning of the twenty-first century Western fashion designers make wedding dresses in more color and this trend is becoming popular among Turkish fashion designers. At the recent fashion shows appeared Turkish wedding dresses with colored embroidery, and one designer presented wedding dress in black. As Europe moves away from the traditional white wedding dress is likely to pick up neighboring Turkey in this direction. Wealthy Turkish bride usually wear different dresses for the ceremony engagement at pre-wedding henna ceremony and the wedding itself, and they will certainly be happy to choose dresses from a variety of dresses offered by modern designers.