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Things You Need to Know about Wedding Decor

Wedding day is one of the most important days in people’s life, so it has to be unforgettable for the bride and groom. Wedding day is usually celebrated by the couple and they usually invite their family and friends. The day when the celebration takes place is called wedding reception and it takes place after wedding ceremony. For the wedding reception, the couple can prepare it by themselves or they may ask a wedding organizer. Whether it is by the couple or by the wedding organizer, the wedding reception needs many things to prepare. One of the things needs to prepare well is the wedding decor. Every couple wants the decor for their wedding reception to show their personality and life style. No wonders when wedding couples really think deeply about it, many of wedding couples even hire experts to help them prepare.

Glass Wedding Decor Ideas
Beautiful Glass Wedding Decor Ideas

What is it to consider when you have to prepare your wedding decor by yourself? Take a look at the guidance below.

Things to Consider for Preparing a Wedding Decor

Choose the theme that match to your personality and life style. If you are still confused, you can see your wedding dress and you can find a suitable wedding decor for your wedding party. Ask yourself if your dress look formal or not. If it is formal, then the wedding party should be formal, too. For formal wedding parties, people need to prepare many things, such as seating for guests, seating for you and your spouse, parents, tables, ceilings, floors, etc.

Beautiful Flowers Wedding Decoration Ideas
Beautiful Flowers Wedding Decoration Ideas

Choose the same colors for everything. It is great if the color of flowers, cakes, clothes of bridesmaids, wedding dresses and everything in the wedding reception have the same tone of color. That’s difficult to find everything needed for the wedding reception with the same color but at least they are similar in color. It is up to the bride and groom to have colorful theme but similar color will reflect unity and togetherness.

Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Decor Ideas
Outdoor Wedding Decor Ideas

Pay attention to the location of the wedding reception and choose the decor based on the location. For indoor ceremony, you will not need candles. You will need lanterns instead. The location actually may help you a lot to consider things. All you have to do is take a look at your surroundings and ask yourself about things you will need or add for the decoration.

Pink Wedding Table Decor Ideas
Pink Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

About the tables, linens, and chairs that you will need, you don’t have to buy them. You can rent them instead. For glasses, plates, forks, spoons and other eating tools, you also don’t have to worry about them since they will be prepared by the caterer you hire.

Choosing the Right Wedding Decor

Pay attention also to the time you will have the wedding reception, is it in the afternoon or at night? If it is at night, you will have to pay attention to the lighting more. If your wedding party will be held in the afternoon in Summer time, then you will have to think about AC sets or fans to make the guests feel comfortable.

Beautiful Indoor Wedding Decor Ideas
Indoor Wedding Decor Ideas

Those are some to help you decide what the best for your wedding reception. You may also ask for ideas to people who have experienced this thing before. About the wedding ceremony that can take place both in the places of worship or anywhere else including the place for wedding party, you may also decorate the ceremony place with the same wedding decor guidance as mentioned above.