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Simple Elegant Wedding Dresses For Wedding Day

Every time I start to create a new template I ask myself this question: the use of income is super high, but it is mandatory? And the embroidery and Swarovski pearls? Are even indispensable? Of course all these elements can collaborate to compose a piece of haute couture. I even have on rents one of my specialties and I think they are still a very strong trend, which should remain a long time. But I think the great challenge of a high standard bridal wear designer is to create an simple elegant wedding dresses using only a noble fabric.

elegant wedding dresses

Everyone agrees that the simple elegant wedding dresses must have to do with the bride’s personality that will wear. And the style did not always it goes through the use of lace and embroidery too much. We have on the market a multitude of fabrics that can become extremely elegant pieces: duschess satin, taffeta, silks maquinetadas, zibeline, organza and so on.

A great inspiration for most brides is the European royalty. And the simple elegant wedding dresses of several princesses and queens who married in recent years were in this style. Names like Princess Letizia of Spain Princess Mary of Denmark, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, Princess Victoria of Sweden, have opted for flat pieces or, in some cases, with small applications of lace and embroidery. Each within the standard allowed for the nobility, but also according to your style and of course, more than elegant.

Recently, I created a piece like this. I wanted to have a model like this in my atelier to show that a dress without lace or embroidery, is also a great choice for the big day. I made ​​a simple elegant wedding dresses using only duschess off White Satin, combined with a good cut, shoulder-to-shoulder neckline, half bow in the back and flared skirt with pleats at the waist. All these details left the elegant and noble style. The result has drawn much attention from brides who get in my studio and they have looked favorably to this new-old option.