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Original Vintage Wedding Ideas

For a couple who decided to start a family and wants to spend his wedding extraordinary, relaxed and romantic, the perfect option would be a vintage wedding ideas. In French, the word means “ancient.” The wedding, held in this style is very reminiscent of an old fairy tale.

To conduct a wedding in a similar style you want to create the appropriate surroundings. Start preparing for the wedding is necessary to prepare the invitation cards. Create such invitations can be their own hands. It is necessary for this purpose to use the old, worn-card, which has turned yellow from time. The postcard can be a drawing or an old pale mark. Text to write beautiful handwriting weaves and curls. Be sure to specify in the invitation cards, the vintage wedding ideas. So guests will have time to prepare themselves for the respective outfits.

vintage wedding decoration ideas

The hall in which Buda held a wedding banquet, you need to decorate a variety of unusual antiques. You can have the entire room to place antique furniture, it will look very harmonious. Also it can be used as decoration beautiful old tables on which you can place extraordinary old vases or jars with fresh flowers. You can hang in the hall of mirrors on the walls to place the black and white photographs. As decor will look great variety of old books, knitted cloth or napkins from a fabric. It can be in the room dim soft light. This will create a special atmosphere.

vintage wedding ideas

Vintage clothes usually costs much more modern and fashionable clothes. But if you compare the price of the vintage dresses with modern wedding dresses, then, of course, vintage cost much less. If you are very much like the model of dress, but there is no your size, you do not need to be upset, the dress can be hemmed to fit your size in a special workshop. After the vintage wedding dresses purchased, it is imperative to check the condition of the tissue, because over time, even the best quality fabrics can lose its strength. If the dress will be found any damage, it is best to improve it by contacting the workshop. Self does not need to do this, as you may damage the fragile fabric even more.

vintage wedding reception ideas

Makeup and hair of the bride should also be performed in vintage style. You can choose the appropriate hairstyle yourself, if you can not do this, then this will help you a professional stylist. For its services can be accessed in a beauty salon or in a wedding agency.

vintage wedding theme ideas

In vintage wedding ideas should be present only fotooperator. After all, in those days there was no videographers. Be sure to notify the photographer that the photos should be performed in vintage wedding ideas. This is necessary to ensure that the photographer can think in advance suitable locations for a photo shoot, and perhaps pick up some accessories for photos. Before buying a dress you can see any old movies. When viewing flma can choose for themselves some interesting unusual way. You can also review the old photos, enjoy the exhibition in the museum