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Lovely Ideas Vintage Wedding Decorations

To say “yes” to your sweetheart in an unforgettable atmosphere, choose vintage wedding decorations and get inspired these 50 truly delightful ideas! The vintage style is influenced in many ways by the decoration dating from the period after the Second World War. In Europe, this is a difficult time of rebuilding all that has been violated by war, physically and spiritually. But it is also a time of optimism and hope, during which the population of the old continent sought to return to the normal lifestyle, with all the possibilities and all the aspirations that it could offer. Vintage style thus provides an extremely interesting atmosphere that is both marked by nostalgia and optimism renewal. It is particularly suitable for wedding decoration, as it has a refined look, as well as a gallant and romantic side expectant and full of desire for a better future.

As part of the wedding decor, vintage style can take different aspects. One option you have is to build on a fairly classic décor that bears the memory of the elegance of the past. Think, for example, with chic interiors with floral pattern, retro accessories made ​​with care and beautifully decorated to or even covered ranged in perfect harmony with the art table. Take all these elements in your decorating using beads, flowers and a high quality dishes.

vintage wedding table decorations

Another idea is to build on country life of the past. In this case, we will opt for natural but chic accessories ornaments table in burlap and lace, lanterns with candles, wooden decorative objects. Do not forget a third possibility that evokes a somewhat later period, which may appeal to those who love the bohemian chic, with its multicolored garlands and romantic spirit. Besides, if this decorating style appeals to you, why not organize the celebration of the wedding and reception that will follow around a retro theme? The bride and the bridesmaids would wear while vintage design dresses that emphasize their femininity and grace. The cake and bouquets of flowers have also fine and romantic touches.

Vintage wedding decorations is charming and allows young couples out of the ordinary course and somewhat monotonous traditional marriage without too extravagant organize a party. Budget standpoint, this style gives great freedom and can be reconciled with both large parties with more intimate events. The atmosphere he brings is easy to reproduce even for those who are tempted by the idea of ​​making their own ornaments for their special day with the help of their families and their friends. In short, it’s a great way to personalize your celebration taking inspiration from one of our 50 decorating ideas, to consult in this collection of photos: