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How to Create Beautiful Wedding Theme

As wedding is an important event, you have to create a piece of arts for your wedding. Wedding theme and colors could show to your families and friends about your personality, styles and also giving something to remember to them or at least for your daughters in the future. Deciding beautiful wedding theme and colors in the beginning could help you coordinate the details of the ceremony easier. No matter what your theme and colors would be, simple or complex, you have to make sure that they are represented your style. Here are tips and tricks to choose wedding themes which are perfect for you.

Blue beautiful Wedding Theme Ideas
Beautiful Blue Wedding Theme Ideas

Beautiful Wedding Theme Ideas

Choose location spot

Once you get the perfect location, then you imagine what themes which are perfect for it. It is save more money and time than choosing the theme first. If you choose the theme first, it may difficult to find the perfect spot for your themes.


Write down anything you have in mind for the theme ideas and do brainstorming with your partner because the wedding involves two people not one. Think about all the things you enjoyed together with your partner, special events or places that you have visited, special dates that are meaning to both of you, your favorite music, art, movie and fashion. Write down every possible themes and then leave it to refresh your mind. Go see your list again after a couple of days and make your decision for the best theme.

How to Create Green Beautiful Wedding Theme
Beautiful Green Wedding Theme Ideas

Describe the theme

Once you get the best theme, try to describe the theme in details. Make sure the description is articulate and showing your vision. So everyone who assists would understand about what you want.

Research Wedding Theme Ideas

Beautiful Wedding Theme Ideas Research
Research Beautiful Wedding Theme Ideas

There are many resources you can use for your references. You may get something cute from someone’s wedding board which match with your theme. For example, you may get the ideas to make handmade invitation or references to buy accessories for your wedding. By researching many references you can define your styles easier.

Violet Wedding Theme Ideas
Beautiful Violet Wedding Theme Ideas

Consider other factors

The colors are essential for wedding reception. You should consider several factors before you determine the colors like your wedding spot, season, the time and the formality. You should check the wedding spot first. If there are accessories that would clash with your preference color. For example, you already choose green for wedding colors but it turns out carpets on your wedding venue have red colors that would absolutely clash with your chosen color. If you intend to use certain flowers, make sure they are in season at the time you wed before you design the whole theme. If you plan to wed in the middle of days, make sure you have theme that match the condition like neutral colors theme. You have also considered the formality, if your wedding spot in the farm, gold and silver theme would not be match. They are more suited for super formal wedding in wedding hall.

How to Choose Wedding Theme Colors
Choosing Wedding Theme Colors

Discuss with others

Discussing with other people, your assistant, mom, sister or friends will open your mind. They probable have interior talent or object that could add your beautiful wedding theme more sparkling.