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How to choose dress for wedding guest

dress for wedding guest

Every girl, wedding invitations best friend or a close friend, to the triumph of a very puzzled by his choice of attire. Many of the fair sex have trouble knowing what dresses fit for a long dress for wedding guest, short, simple or ornate? It is important to a responsible approach to the choice of attire for the gala event, because it will often flicker on the professional wedding photos. The fact is what rules to follow, picking their way to a wedding favorite friends will be explained in detail below.

Dress code for the invited girls who are going to the wedding depends on many factors. These include the age of the fair sex, her position in society, the type of event, the place where the celebration will take place. The important role played by the presence or absence of support. If a woman does not come alone, as a young man, perfect if their costumes are combined in color and style. Dress code is determined by the degree of formality of the event.

dresses for wedding guest

Informal. To this type belong the celebration of weddings, leading to nature in the woods, on the territory of the tent, in low-cost locations. As a rule, the registration and the start of the banquet is scheduled for the first half of the day. Dress for wedding guest, but not too pretentious – do not pile up updo, and even more so to put on dresses with lots of rhinestones, sequins, in daylight it will attract too much attention. As a light sundress dress suit, trouser suit or a suit with a skirt.

Semi-official. The event takes place in the evening, it is lively, bright, but not too fluffy. Dress for wedding guest can put on the costumes, the simple, elegant dress or choose an evening dress, but then again neat and does not cause. In this case, as well as during an informal celebration, should refrain from being too bright makeup, jewelry abundance.

Official. If you are invited to a special solemn expensive wedding invitation cards in certain specified dress code: men tuxedos, ties or butterflies, women evening dress. Guests can indulge in the pleasure wear your best jewelry, boasts a chic evening dress, embroidered with beads, pearls and sequins.

When the couple decided in advance that the wedding will be thematic, this will be stated in the invitation card. Do not be scared of anything unusual style for example, pirate wedding, retro or eastern celebration. If you do not find a suitable dress in her wardrobe, just run to the store is not necessary, especially since it can take considerable financial resources. Any image can be “pulled” accessories that are easy to pick up or make your own.

Especially careful Treat the choice of dress for wedding guest who were invited to the wedding ceremony. The church would be inappropriate skirts above the knee, and open arms. To comply with all the rules of the church, you need to carry a scarf covering her head, and a long shawl, which also hides the naked back and arms. The color scheme of the dress should be appropriate, too – no bright, flashy colors (at the wedding they generally irrelevant), aggressive make-up, shiny ornaments, the image has to be modest and elegant.