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Glamour Sequin Wedding Dress

sequined wedding dress

Elegant sequin wedding dress, iridescent sheen crystals is the perfect outfit for the bride who wants to create an image of a fairy princess. Therefore, for these girls to be the best choice of wedding dress with rhinestones. Such models are extremely popular, and each in its own gorgeous.

When choosing a sequin wedding dress should pay attention to the quality of the crystals. To decorate dresses use several types of rhinestones. They can be crystal, glass and plastic. Dresses with crystal ornaments are more expensive and looks chic models with glass rhinestones. Acrylic rhinestones the cheapest and used to furnish inexpensive wedding dresses. Stasi also divided into glue and sew. Wedding and evening dresses embroidered with crystals by hand, of course, will cost much more than the dress with glued rhinestones. The most expensive clothes are embroidered with crystal rhinestones in a special holder.

sequin wedding dress

Choosing a sequin wedding dress should also pay attention to the way the ornaments are placed on the model. There are several types of finish.

1. The entire length of the dress. As a rule, this decoration is used to straight wedding dresses and models in the style of “Mermaid”. It is important to note that the crystals were invisible and only create small lights. With strong brilliance of crystals, the image of the bride would lose its charm.

2. Fully decorated corset wedding dress or the upper part. This type of decoration suitable for women who want to emphasize the breasts. The larger crystals are on the bodice, the more attention will be to the region neckline.

3. The back of the dress can be decorated with rhinestones, depending on the design of the model. This can be a decoration on the edge of the fabric, or sequin wedding dress can be embroidered with the whole back of the wedding dress.

4. Belt wedding dress. This option is perfect to girls who want to emphasize their waist. Therefore, a complete brides who have a tummy, do not captivate the attention of visitors to this part of the body. Pregnant bride can choose a Greek wedding dresses with the illusion of a waist rhinestones under the chest.