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Evening Wedding Dress 2016

The concept of evening wedding dresses appeared in the early 20th century, when, in order to save, had to buy a bride to her wedding evening dress white. At present, this concept came to mean not only a white dress, but any model that will suit for weddings and special occasions.

Evening dress it’s a great alternative to the wedding dress, which has before it a number of advantages. First, it is cheaper. Secondly, it can be bought in the boutique, and not waste time searching for a suitable wedding salon (by the way, sales in boutiques are much more common than in the bridal salons). Third, this dress can be wear more than once. The weak point is that when you buy evening wedding dresses in the store, you will not be able to just pick him veil, accessories, shoes and jewelry, all you have to buy in other stores. However, evening dress takes up little space in your bag and you can take with you to buy, for example, wedding gloves of the same color. A store bridal lingerie you will not be denied the opportunity to wear your dress for you to check how well it fits to the laundry.

wedding evening dresses

Modern designers of wedding fashion in the latest collections, on a par with traditional wedding dress, be sure to offer the attention of brides and evening models. A collection of some of fashion entirely of evening wedding dresses. One of the most famous models of evening wedding dresses in history Wedding Dress Wallis Simpson. Similar models can be found in almost any collection of dresses.

It is now also very popular dress Pippa Middleton, in which it was at the royal wedding of her sister Kate Middleton. Despite the fact that this model was originally designed as the attire for the bridesmaids, many brides used this idea to their wedding dress was the most similar to the dress Pippa. Due to this trend, many designers began to offer collections of wedding dresses with straight U-shaped type of neckline.

evening wedding guest dresses

As you can see, the modern wedding dress is no different from the evening. But is it worth to choose the model which can come to the wedding, any guests or all the same to buy a traditional wedding dress? The answer to this question can give you alone. Unfortunately, despite a number of advantages, evening wedding dresses will never be like a fairy princess outfit, which you’ve dreamed of since childhood.