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Elegant Square Wedding Dress

Square Wedding Dress – The main feature of the square neckline is to make it look prosperous brides who wear the bra before, and contains the chest of those brides who are very prosperous. In addition to enhancing the breasts this model gives the wearer an elegant bearing and somewhat ‘austere, perfect for an elegant wedding and formal.

Of course you can see it realized with or without shoulder, and as for all other types of cleavage the advice is always the same: if you have broad shoulders and non-straight is advisable to wear shoulder pads, on the contrary if your shoulders are well proportioned and you have good posture then you can definitely opt for the version without straps.

The clothes made with this type neckline can be both simple and elaborate, always remember to offset the richness of the clothes with accessories simple and minimal, or vice versa to use accessories jewelry and bright with clean clothes and slipped.