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Elegant Famous Wedding Dresses

Famous wedding dresses ideas – Women and fashion go in one direction. Sometimes it becomes unclear whether women change and create fashion, or fashion trends are created for them. In considering any item of female clothing or accessory, you can try to create the story of this thing, which is sometimes so complicated and intertwined with the history of men’s garments. However, speaking about the wedding dress, we are presenting an image of women only in a white dress, walking arm in arm with his favorites.

most famous wedding dress designers most famous wedding dresses

Famous wedding dresses Queen Victoria’s most famous because he was white. While women and married to her in white, that after the wedding, the Queen has become a traditional white dress of the bride dress. American actress married the Prince of Monaco in a lace dress with long sleeves, which became one of the most beautiful and stylish wedding dresses in history.

famous wedding dress

Never follow the generally accepted rules of Mia Farrow in 1966 married Frank Sinatra in a white suit with skirt and knee-length jacket and three quarter sleeves. Wedding dress for Jacqueline Kennedy had created the African-American designer Ann Lowe. This long dress with a puffed skirt made of taffeta ivory very quickly a large number of simulations.

famous wedding dresses

Tricia Nixon for his wedding, which took place in 1971, chose a sleeveless dress. The same dress later appeared on the cover of Life. By the way, her wedding was the one held from the Rose Garden of the White House. Princess Diana’s wedding dress with puffed sleeves, wide skirt and a long train of 7.6 meters, was as luxurious as the rest of the wedding, which captivated the attention of millions of people.