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Country Wedding Theme to Have

It is such an uneasy task to do to create a wedding that is supposed to be a beautiful and unforgettable moment in people’s life. It takes many things including creativity to create a wedding. Some couples will leave the creation and preparation with the wedding organizers some people will have to do everything by themselves. To make a beautiful and unforgettable theme, such as Country Wedding Theme. Couples need to have themes, and to decide a wedding theme is not an easy thing to do. Sometimes, couples who want to prepare their wedding day are stuck and don’t know how to determine themes.

Actually, they don’t need to think too hard since themes don’t have to be difficult. Couples just have to get together and brainstorm each other to find ideas. The ideas they may find are from the hobbies that they share together, favorite foods, drinks, and things that they share together, such as their favorite band, the kind of movies they like to watch, the kind of sports they like to do together. How they met for the very first time can also be their wedding theme. The couples may come up with different themes such as oriental, tropical, western, romantic, beach, country, etc.

Wedding aspects that include in theme:

  • Invitation card
  • Programs
  • Tablecloth
  • Menus
  • Lighting
  • Decoration
  • Flowers
  • Wedding cakes
  • Places
  • Etc.

Now, let’s talk about a country wedding theme to have–one of the most popular wedding themes. As we know that country relates to farm, barn, wild flowers, carts, horses, farmers, etc. Here are the ideas to have an interesting country wedding day.

Horse-Breeding Country Wedding Theme Decor
Horse-Breeding Country Wedding Theme

Start from the place where the wedding will take place. You can choose a barn or a farm to get married. The barn and the farm can be decorated with something that go well with country, such as wild flowers, wood benches for guests, if it is at night you can use torches for the lighting.

The bride and groom wear country wedding dress and clothes that related with country with wild flowers bouquet for the bride, a cowboy hat for the groom. Both of them are fine to wear boots since the condition of the wedding party makes the bride impossible to wear high heels and makes impossible for the groom to wear appropriate shoes.

The bride and the groom can ride a cart or wagon pulled by horses to come to their wedding party.

Vintage Country Wedding Theme
Vintage Country Wedding Theme

For the wedding invitation, you can have an invitation card that is formed like a barn, a boot, a wild flower, a cow, and other things related to country.

Country Wedding Theme Invitation Card
Country Wedding Theme Invitation Card

In the place where the wedding party will take place, the decoration is of course so country with wood benches, an old chandelier, a wedding cake that is made with something related to country, for example on the top of the cake there are wild berries. The drinks to serve the guests are in jam jars or milk bottles. The chairs for the couple and parents are wooden rusty chairs.

Country Wedding Theme Decor
Brown Wood Country Wedding Theme

The bridesmaids to assist the bride wear boots with the hair completed with wild flowers. The flower little girls to help scatter the flowers can wear boots and clothes related to farm like the ones usually wear by female farmers, etc.

The guest have a dress code to come to the wedding, the dress code is of course something related to country. For example, it is a must for male guests to wear cowboy hats, or boots for women, or they have to wear clothes like a farmer and his wife’s clothes, etc.

Country Wedding theme with Straw Decoration Ideas
Country Wedding theme with Straw Decoration

It is undoubtedly interesting to have a country theme for a wedding party. However, you have to be really careful with the preparation for your wedding party. Especially if you choose a real barn or farm, otherwise it will end up in chaotic situation. It is worth trying though. This article about a country wedding theme to have is hoped to help you out.