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Country Bridesmaid Dresses : Beautify your Bridesmaid

To make such bride a happy day, you have to prepare for country bridesmaid dresses. Why? Because this theme allows you to mix and match every good things to your bridesmaids’ uniforms.
Country dresses have impression to simpler, boyish, cowboy, lace, loose theme. So, basically not too much magic on the face and not too much sparkling gown.

For the color, most of the picture documentations show that the bridesmaid wear dresses in nude or pastel colors.
But once the bride wants to make over the bridesmaid to wear something with solid color, there is no wrong about it.

– Simple color. Simple bridesmaid dresses design

If you want the simple yet perfect color to be around you at the wedding place, just choose one dominant color and make short loose gown for your bridesmaid.

Country Bridesmaid Dresses : Simple Color Bridesmaid Dresses Design
Simple Color Country Bridesmaid Dresses Design

There is no banned colors go for the bridesmaid. They look fabulous whatever the color of the fabric given to them. Just think for the design whether you request one design bridesmaid dresses or let your bridesmaid chooses their own design style.

– Brown calms the day bridesmaid dresses design

Country Bridesmaid Dresses : Brown Calms the Day
Brown Calms the Day Country Bridesmaid Dresses Design

The theme here is to give you an image that even brown or nude color is okay for the wedding. Just wear the plain color and do not add any sparkling or glittering color.

– Brocade bridesmaid dresses design

If you want to wear another fabric’s material, just try wearing brocade. The brocade gives another touch feel to the bridesmaid dresses.

Country Bridesmaid Dresses : Beautiful Brocade Dress Design
Beautiful Country Brocade Dress Design

The color? It’s up to you. Everything can go well. Even the design for the country bridesmaid dresses with the brocade look beautiful.

– Pretty Jeans bridesmaid dresses design

Have you ever think that jeans shirt can make all bridesmaid look confident? Jeans can shine them to show off their happiness becoming their best friend’s bridesmaid.

Country Bridesmaid Dresses Pretty Jeans
Country Bridesmaid Dresses Pretty Jeans

The jeans material gives cowboy and boyish feel. Some say that it makes the bride look more beautiful.

The Design

For the design of the bridesmaid dresses, most of the models are wearing short dresses, backless, and boots.
The original idea for wearing boots is because the theme of country bridesmaid dresses matches to the feel of cowboy era.
Outdoor wedding ceremonial is the other reason that boots go well in nature atmosphere.

The Colors

The nature itself brings the idea to use calm colors such as yellow, pink, brown, or green. However, nowadays, there are trend to wear green mint or lime colors.

Rustic and Classic Pink Country Bridesmaid Dress
Rustic and Classic Pink Country Bridesmaid Dresses

Or the pink that gives a little touch of both rustic and classic of the country bridesmaid dresses.
What can we ask more than the presence of the bridesmaid, accompanying the beautiful bride? The appearance of the bridesmaid is true in making such attraction and asking for attention from the audiences. However, just remember that the make – up and the gown should not more glamorous than the bride.

Be simple as you can. Be tough in accompanying your bride. And be generous in giving the sincerest smile in the big day of your friend’s special day.

Later on, the dress that the bridesmaid wear will give an opportunity to attract your – maybe – boyfriend – in – the – future.

Some say that in the wedding day, the happiest person is the bride. However the most wanted person is the bridesmaid. Bridesmaid is the flower that every bee wants to look for. So be prepared to look naturally beautiful to meet your soul mate there.