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Choosing The Best Wedding Dress Fabric

The success of a wedding dress depends largely on the tissue in which it will be manufactured. The use of a fabric or of another will be the difference in the shape of the cut and dropped the dress.

The season of your wedding is a factor to consider when choosing the wedding dress fabric: a cold or hot weather will help make his choice. The velvet smooth silk is used during the winter season when the cotton, satin and natural fibers are ideal for summer temperatures. Vendors stores where you choose your outfit can advise you on the fabric that will be most suitable the style of dress you are looking for. However, it is important to come prepared and to have an idea of the great variety of existing fabrics as well as on their main characteristics.

lace fabric for wedding dresses

Here are the best wedding dress fabric

BROCART: This is an embroidered silk cloth son of brighter colors, in the shape of flowers or various figures. This fabric can be quite heavy to carry.

PANCAKE: It is a wool fabric, silk or cotton, rough area. The fabric is smooth, great, soft to touch and double-sided (one opaque and brilliant).

SHANTUNG SILK: This is a silk fabric originally from the Chinese province of the same name. She looks a lot like the wild silk but is more economical. If it is good, it does not wrinkle. The reverse is brilliant.

DAMASCUS: This is a silk or woolen fabric with both sides, the patterns are formed on the fabric.