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Choosing Beautiful Summer Wedding Shoes

Many brides, choosing a summer wedding shoes, long thought to what they buy? Shoes look strictly and elegantly, in the wedding ballet flats are not tired legs and sandals will be the easiest way to survive the heat. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each option.

Shoes ideal for wedding image. They are suitable for any style of wedding dress. In addition, the choice of summer wedding shoes is huge. But in the heat of summer wear them hard enough, so shoes should always be made ​​of natural materials, the legs are not sweating. In addition, under the shoes will need some kind of clothing for the legs, as in the heat leg becomes swollen and shoes will rub.

summer wedding shoes

If you like more shoes than sandals, but you are afraid that in the heat you will feel uncomfortable in them, buy a lightweight model. It may be a semi open heel shoes with a small cut on the toe or the model without sides (only toe and heel). Such models are lighter, they look very restrained and well-suited for weddings in the summer.

Some brides friends and relatives advised to buy summer wedding shoes as there is a contest, in which the bride’s shoe poured vodka and a witness (or groom) must drink the entire contents. But just think, if you want to hold this competition on their wedding day? Would you wear shoes in the heat only in order to amuse the guests? If these questions you answered “No”, then feel free to buy sandals! Great way to avoid all of this competition.

summer wedding shoes 2015

For the wedding on the beach are ideal for summer wedding shoes. But deciding on such unconventional shoes, you should immediately think about the length of the dress, its hem should not lie on the ground. If you have 2 pairs of shoes (shoes for the official part of the wedding, and flip flops for the celebration on the beach), the shoes without heels should be chosen to dress looked equally beautiful and in fact, and in another case.