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Beautiful Modern Black Wedding Dresses

Black has never been associated in people with a wedding properly. However, brides who want to look at their wedding in an original, not afraid to experiment, and buy a black wedding dresses. But when choosing this outfit before them raises a lot of questions that we will answer in this article.

From the fashion on the black wedding dresses?Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

In 1997, Sarah Jessica Parker said she wants her marriage to Matthew Broderick go unnoticed. Therefore, instead of the traditional white wedding dress, the actress wore black. This moment could not take into account the world designers, and since then the black wedding dresses is present in almost every fashion show.

black wedding dresses

What jewelry will suit the black wedding dress?black wedding dress and decorations from Annie Couture

Black wedding dresses well with crystals, pearls and diamonds. You can wear a necklace and earrings of these jewels, and in some cases with a black dress would be appropriate to look shiny tiara, a diamond brooch and pearls embroidered veil.

What a bunch of approach to the black wedding dress?black and white wedding bouquet

It is desirable that the bridal bouquet stands out against the black dress. If your wedding dress, but black, there is a different color, you can choose a bouquet to match him. For example, a bouquet of red roses is the perfect accompaniment to red bridal shoes and jewelry. Will look good in black and white bouquet, it will make the image softer and more romantic bride.

black lace wedding dress

What makeup is suitable to the black wedding dresses? black wedding dress by Elixir Mariage

If you do not practice the Gothic image, then you should not use makeup bright colors. For example, the black arrows and red lipstick. They will give your style of darkness, and the image of vamp did not combined with the image of the bride. Try to use a soft, natural shades.

What approach to the black veil wedding dress?black wedding dress by Mariee Cymbeline

With a black wedding dress, it is desirable to wear a black veil or not to cover his head. If your dress whites there, you can select the white veil trimmed with black lace.