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Awe Inspriring Wedding Decor Trends 2015

Wedding Decor Trends 2015 – Trend that will dominate 2015 is, as he said, that a return to nature, and harmony that connotes, where small contrasts and endless wonder. Both the bride and groom, as their trained wedding planners, are increasingly inclined to tell and to express their creativity using the green, flowers, plants, and setting them in the context that best suits them, namely that of marriage en plein air : that is the sea or the countryside, mountain or hill, green light, according to a taste exquisitely boho, at weddings as picnics, a country-chic weddings, weddings on the seashore and scenic farm weddings, within which harmony reign informality, good taste and casual small stylistic devices that theme, as always, will do the result and the difference.