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4 Smart Tips To Maximize The Simple Style of Bridal Gown

Bridal gown is special gown for your special wedding day. But many people think their bridal gowns are too simple to wear when in the other side the cost is no longer available to fix or change it. So, if you really want to know a few tips to maximize the style of your gown, we get some of them here. These tips can be done all by yourself and also very easy to do (don’t worry about big budget because all of these tips are cheap and even no budget).

Maximize the style of your gown

How to Maximize the Style of Bridal Gown

Read it closely!

  1. You can make smart trick about your simple or old-fashioned gown by adding small accessories. Accessories like pin, choker, necklace, bracelet and earrings can maximize your look although the gown you wear is only a simple one. To make the best result, choose accessories with unique shape or good color. For example, you can choose bracelet with white gold style to make elegant style. Or maybe if you want to look different and cool for your wedding day, you can wear choker to give “casual chic” nuance. Accessories, small or smaller, can give big impact to take the whole simplicity to another different level on your bridal gown.

    Small Accessories for your Bridal Gown
  2. Besides using the function of accessories, you can also get smart tips by re-designing your bridal gown. But don’t think re-designing is as the difficult thing to do, because actually re-designing is very fun and interesting thing to do. You can also just hire a designer and give them all your plan if you don’t want to do by yourself. What you need to do is just collecting designs and references you want to re-design the gown. Don’t need complex design but maybe only adding some motives and colors to renew your bridal look. For references, you can search it from internet or maybe some wedding magazines.

    Re-design your Bridal gown
  3. To maximize your gown, you can also make smart trick by maximizing the make up and hairstyle you do for your own wedding event. Focusing on great make up style and hairstyle that makes you look special than ordinary days.

    Maximizing the make up and hairstyle you do for your own wedding event
  4. Not only that, the size and how you suit your gown is also matter. Make sure the size is alright with your body so you will feel comfortable when wearing your wedding dress. If you have fat body, you can make smart trick for your gown by adding unique cuts for the shoulder and stomach parts. Or if you are petite, better to have gown with open shoulder to minimizing the small skinny look.

    Make sure your bridal gown is fit and comfort for you

The Conclusion

So, what do you think? Get new ideas or want to imitate all tips we share to you? It’s up to your decision. But for sure, these ideas and tips are not difficult to follow even for beginners. After all, we really want to make your wedding day becoming more perfect with perfect bridal gown. We totally hope you will like with the whole writing and especially get more creative than before.