Wedding Dress with Red Roses : Roses on Your Gown

Every woman seems never think twice to wear wedding dress with red roses. They will think that roses can go well with the white color, as the rose’s color is contrast.
Roses are friends of love. By giving a little bit touch of roses, your plain pure white ball gown seems to have a little touch of a princess of rose.

It gives a sense of beautiful yet ouch effect remembering that roses have the image of spines. So, to erase the bad image, it is the wedding dress designers to give magic on it.

Some Examples of Wedding Dress with Red Roses :

– Maroon Black Queen

Use the color of maroon and black as the dominant wedding dress color. You can get the theme of wedding dress with red roses by putting bright color of rose’s brooches that are spread randomly on the bottom part.

Wedding Dress With Red Roses : Maroon Black Queen
Wedding Dress With Red Roses : Maroon Black Queen

The plain clothes used as the top part to give melancholic yet romantic theme for the bride. And the black theme goes for under part is for giving the tense that bold wins every heart.

– Black and ivory

If the previous using rose brooches, it’s different in this style. The dominant color of the material on the gown is ivory. However, the patterned rose are spread randomly and heavily around the ball gown.

Black and ivory Color Wedding Dress With Red Rose
Wedding Dress With Red Roses : Black and ivory Color

The pattern makes a move for the bride. Even the color of the pattern is black and the bride does not wear other accessories, the wedding dress looks fabulous without any other sparkling things. It is because the black rose pattern takes all attention to it.

– Only Red with big roses

If you want roses accompany you in the wedding, just use this model. The wedding dress only uses red color. The wedding designer seems to play around with the techniques in sewing.
Can you see the roses there? Yes, they are very big but beautifully made, aren’t they?

Only Red Wedding Dress with big roses
Only Red Wedding Dress with Big Roses

The roses do not use different color to make stunning attraction. They seems to be hidden and invisible to see.
In fact, the model in making the big roses is the one that makes this ball gown look expensive and exclusive. You are like the queen of red roses by wearing this model.

– Maroon Mermaid Bride

If the previous makes the full roses gown, this one only uses the very bottom side to be put the roses folding technique.
When you look at the model in the picture, you can see the simplicity of the bride by wearing the plain motive on the top until the middle.

Maroon Mermaid Bride Wedding Dress with Red Roses
Maroon Mermaid Bride Wedding Dress with Red Roses

Then the attraction goes to the bottom where there are lots of handmade folded roses made by as the continuity from the top and middle fabric. The roses are not glued but they are folded and be made purposely to give image of the queen roses.

– Simple rose goes

The last picture shows that roses are not always a glued pattern nor the big roses only. Roses are also able to be put on the wedding gown as a printed pattern.

Simple rose goes Wedding Dress
Simple Rose goes Wedding Dress

Wedding dress with red roses this time are well-printed under the white tile so we can see the purity on the white top part while the middle to the bottom has the roses printed pattern.

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