Wedding Dress Color : It’s not white. It’s no wrong

For most of the time, white always wins every bride’s dream in their wedding dress color. White becomes the symbol of purity, sincere, new chapter, and many more idealistic dreams come behind the color of the wedding dress.
Think that white as the classic and basic color that brings up the gentle love in the wedding ceremony, it goes to be the most favorite color as ever.

However, is it wrong to go to another direction? Is it something too extreme if the bride chooses another colorful color?

Basically, there is no right or wrong in choosing the color of the dress in the special day. However, it comes to every single person’s reason to bring the color up. Some colors that frequent use are nude or pastel colors. Another way is by using the gradation of between colors.

Ideas for wedding dress color:

White and nude pink

A simple gown that has details on the top using white ivory color then coming down while added a gradation of nude pink will smoothly be presented.

White and nude pink Wedding Dress Color
White and nude pink Wedding Dress Color

To give a little accessories on to this dress, just put a small white ivory waist line flowered pattern. The simplicity theme is suitable as the idealistic reason behind this dress.

Black, grey and white

Ever dream or imagine wearing a mix colors between white, grey and black wedding gown? Most of women never think about it. However, if it is you that want to try the anti-mainstream color, just go with this color. You won’t be wrong by using non-white even the dark color.

Black, grey and white Wedding Dress Color
Black, grey and white Wedding Dress Color

The color looks elegant added with small flower headband, black wedding gloves, and a mix black, white and grey ruffles.

White, ivory and pink

The combination between colors makes the wedding gown designers try to mix and match of the materials. As customers, you can ask anything to them. However, it is basically them who know how to play with colors and the perfect ‘ingredients’ for your wedding dress.

White, ivory and pink Wedding Dress Color
White, ivory and pink Wedding Dress Color

So here the dominant ivory color goes beautifully added with small flower pattern on the gown. The patterns are in pure white and burgundy or magenta color, not the bright pink else.

Playing with the place and amount of the pattern also play quite strict to the result. It looks heavy elegantly placed around the top of the gown until the waist. Then the pattern goes randomly spread around the bottom.

Red and white

Other than black, bright colors are rarely used in the wedding day. But some designers put their effort to break the imagination.

Mixed Red and white Wedding Dress Color
Mixed Red and white Wedding Dress Color

Bright red combined with ivory can go well in such a mermaid style of wedding gown. The white ivory goes under the surface layer to say that ‘I am still here’ classic color.


And the last example of the color is purple. You can go with only one color and just play with the model of the gown. Or you can play using the silver motives pattern placed around the body shape part.

Beautiful Purple Wedding Dress Color Ideas
Beautiful Purple Wedding Dress Color

The silver color is just to bring some shines to the gown effect where another place to have another sparkling spot is your neck by wearing a layered crystal necklace to match to the beautiful wedding dress color.

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